Parent Support

A child mirrors your actions

Every child is different even children in one family can have different needs. As a parent you want to do the best you can.  That can lead to questions. Which child needs what? Children are little mirrors of your outward actions and they can do this like no other.  I help you discover what your child mirrors with you. You will become aware of this process and through this discovery you can see if you want to change existing patterns. It gives you an opportunity to gain greater understanding of you as a parent. It is a journey that can transform your relationship with your children.

Advice in raising your child

Maybe you have tried several times to change your child’s actions, but without success. Your child doesn’t seem to understand that you want it differently. Maybe I can offer you more options about how you can tackle certain things in parenting. Who knows, maybe we find a situation that is more desirable. 

More insight

As a parent you know your child. You are raising it and you see him have grow up. Yet sometimes you wonder: ‘Why is she reacting like this?’ or ‘He did not do that before!’ Your child goes through various developmental stages and every time they come with changes in behaviour. Maybe I can tell you more about these changes.

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