Child Coaching

The here and now

Sometimes your child may have to deal with a problem or a situation that causes stress and the feeling of hopelessness. For a parent it is not always easy to find out what is going on in the mind of a child. Even children cannot always pinpoint why they feel that way.

Child Coaching might work for your child. During the sessions the child and I work in a playful and solution-oriented way, where the focus lies on the here and now. We will find out what the problem is and how it affects daily life.

Strengths and qualities

Together we will focus on the strengths and qualities the child already has and work on self-confidence. When a child is aware of its strengths and how to use them in certain situations, it can offer a solution for the problem. Mostly the child knows the solution, sometimes unconsciously, and by finding it yourself you have the ownership of your learning process. I believe that feeling this ownership is very important;  not only is the solution suitable for the age and personality of the child, but also the fact that the child understands that it can also be in charge of the situation and that happiness doesn’t need to be far away or something that you need to wait for.  This way self-confidence can grow and your child learns that it is possible to do a lot by itself!


When I work with a child, I avoid using the word ‘problem’. I prefer to use the word SKILL. A child has a new skill to learn in order to deal with an unwanted situation. This skill we can practice during our sessions. Once practiced, the child can practice and use this new skill in daily life. My way of guiding the child depends on the age and personality of the child, the issue in life and the situation in that very moment.

The child tells its story with the help of art and craft, coaching cards, games, books, music and rap, therapeutic puppets etc. In small, feasible steps we get to work in a playful way. Depending on the age of the child and the issue in life I will determine which interventions I use.

How long

On average, coaching will take 5 to 10 sessions, depending on the child’s challenge in life. During the whole process, both coach and parents can indicate whether they want an evaluation. This can help us to see where we are and to work from there. 

It may be that, during the first sessions, it appears there is an underlying problem, which gives reason for more help. Then it is important to determine which way to go. I will then approach the parents to discuss this.

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