Let me introduce myself

My name is Diana

My name is Diana and I am passionate in my work with children and adolescents.  The reason I became a child and youth therapist was because I have always been fascinated by children’s way of thinking. They look at the world in a different way than an adult. I try to put myself into their shoes and view the world the way they do. Many times this helps me to understand what it means to be in their situation.


After my education at the Pedagogic Academy in Maastricht, I continued my studies and completed my Masters Pedagogy and Educational Studies at the University of Leiden. However, I love studying and so I continued studying to become a Certified Child Coach and Child and Youth therapist. It has been an incredible journey.

Experience abroad

The name Wereldkind is engraved in my heart. It means Child of the World. Through my work and voluntary work abroad I have seen many, many children. I lived and worked in Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and England for 15 years and worked a lot with children there.

During my time abroad I enjoyed getting a deeper understanding of parenting styles of various cultures. In every part of the world, parents have different views how to raise their children and they do that according to their own values. That is why in child and youth therapy the systemic view is so important; by looking at the system, meaning the family, school and the world the child lives in, it helps you as a therapist to have a better understanding and connection. I work ‘in the world of the child’.

Finding your own solution

Every child has a creative and curious nature and I want to use these qualities in my interventions.  I work with interventions aimed at stimulating the child in experiencing its own strength and the ability to find a suitable solution. I also see ‘a problem’ not as a problem, but as a skill that the child will learn and experience in my practice.

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